Check out our lead singer's new solo project → Maila N


Hey everyone,

it's been a while since the last update, and a lot has happened in that time! Our new EP Uncertain was released last December, and we couldn't be happier about it! Go check it out here!

To accompany the EP we also released a music video for the title track Uncertain. If you haven't already seen it a million times like us, go watch it below:

In other big news, we'd like to announce the new solo project of our lead singer Maila N! She's premiering it this Sunday, March 31 at the Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft in Berlin (Grabbeallee), and we can't wait for what she's got prepared for that evening! We hope to see you there!

We hope you've had an amazing 2019 so far and we're looking forward to a lot of awesome music by Maila N! We wish you all the best!!


November 2018

Hi guys!
Here we are back after few months and we want to give you an update of our work.

Our UNCERTAIN Ep will be released on December the 7th, after months of effort we finally made it through.
We will also have a music video coming out soon for the homonymous song.

Here are the next concerts scheduled for this year:

  • On the 1st of December we will play again at the Studentenclub in Eberswalde, amazing venue with lots of great people.
  • And on the 7th of December our Ep release party will be held at Culture Container here in Berlin.

Make sure you will show up!

Finally we want to show you our teaser video for the release which is made from outtakes of the next official music video. Watch it on our home page.

Stay tuned for more!

July/August 2018

Hi everybody!
July and August have been 2 months full of great news.

We recorded a live video at Klein&Fein Konzerte. For this special occasion we performed a new german song called „Die Welt Steht Kopf”, which sees also the collaboration with a great cello player. A big thank you to Sebastian from Klein&Fein who created this cool format and to Gabor Hartyani for such a great performance with his cello. Here is the link.

We are also keeping on recording our music for the next EP, called UNCERTAIN. Our music is evolving in many ways and this time a big influence comes from our new drummer! Yes, you’ve heard it right! We have a drummer now! We are very happy to welcome Felix Jäntgen to our Frenzie family. Besides his awesome character, he is also very talented drummer from Bonn, Germany.

We are looking forward to see what is coming next! We’ll keep you posted as always.

With love and passion

May/June 2018

Good Morning 🙃
We are a bit late in updating you guys, but better late than never!
So in May and June we played lot’s of great shows and had so much fun.
During our show in Eberswalde a reporter from a local TV channel showed up and shooted a small documentary about us, which was screened next day on ODF TV. Click here to watch

Summer in Berlin is just amazing and we were part of the beautiful 1-Day-Festival called Live In The Woods at Rosis. Great venue, indoor and outdoor activities and us playing live next to juggling workshops and magical body paintings. Wow!

We also happily announce that we started recording our second EP. It will be a continuation of CHOICES, but will sound more detailed and mature. We cannot deny that we grew a lot in the last year and we want to share this with you! So you guys should stay tuned!

We also had a video shoot for the Sofa Sessions at Noisy Rooms! It was totally fun, we recorded in a 1000degrees hot room and melted away. So at this point we want to thank Sebastian for his kickass job during these temperatures. Keep an eye on our Facebook page!
The video will be released in the next weeks.

We are looking forward to our next gigs and we will keep you guys posted!

Much love

March/April 2018

Hi guys!
The last two months have been incredible and packed with awesome gigs.
On the 14/03 we played at the now usual open stage at Prachtwerk. We always have such a great time in that venue, in part thanks to the fun host Roemer.
A week later we played a one-hour show at Kara Kas Bar where we received a very good response from the audience. It always makes it more fun when people react to our music!
On the 24/03 Frenzie played in Lagari together with Simon Paterno and his musicians. The whole show resulted in a good combination of pop/jazzy tunes from Simon and original Frenzie pop crafted material. We truly enjoyed it!
Due to some unavailability of some of the members on April 5th, Mai Lan and Freddie performed as a duo at Mensch Meier. However, the level of the performance provided was as high as it would be with all the members present. With vocals and guitar accompanied by piano and violin these guys showed what two siblings can do on stage.
The last concert we played this month was at Die Weisse Rose on the 25th. We really enjoyed the show and the warm audience made it one of the greatest concerts we've ever had. Live shows were not the only thing happening this month though. In fact, we have released a few videos on YouTube.

The first video is a live video of our song Refuse which was shot by Barketts during our last performance at the venue. The video is available on the Frenzie channel.

The other video that has been released is part of the amazing collaboration between our singer Mai Lan and the talented musician and YouTuber HP Crazy. It’s a sublime representation of a piano and vocals duo.
Here is the link:

Our focus in the coming month is to prepare ourselves for the next gigs. On May 6th we will play at the Berliner Wassersportfest in Grünau. And on the 15th we will open the show for the Italian band “Subcutanea” who is touring all over Germany to play their music. we are looking forward to it!

Last but not least, we want to share something with you even though it is at an early stage.
We are announcing that we are currently working on our second EP!!
Stay tuned for more!

February 2018

Hi everyone!
February has been a very busy month for Frenzie. We have released our first music video of Stranger (check the video section), a song taken from the EP Choices which also was published on the 1st of March. The EP is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music.

We also were quite busy with gigs, playing our first full length show at Artliners which turned out to be a very successful evening. We opened the stage for Rotem Fisher at Deriva Neukölln, another great show. The last gig we had this month was at Barkett where we hosted the open stage for all the great artists who performed that night. The whole performance was recorded and the video material will be released in the next weeks on our YouTube channel.
Make sure you don’t miss it!

Another very important step in music production has been made. Our singer Mai Lan travelled to Zurich to start a collaboration with the famous artist and YouTuber HP Crazy. In one week they managed to write two wonderful music pieces that show the versatility of our vocalist as well as the great guitar skills of HP Crazy.
One video has already been released while the second one is already planned to be published on April. You can find it here!
Also make sure to check out the HP Crazy YouTube channel, he also gives some awesome guitar lessons!

We want to finish by giving you some updates regarding our next concerts in March:

  • 14/03 Open stage at Prachtwerk (Neukölln)
  • 21/03 Kara Kas Bar (Schöneberg)
  • 24/03 Lagari (Neukölln) with the collaboration of Simon Paterno a great artist from Hamburg.

We are looking forward to what is coming next, our excitement is on a level that has never been before!

Stay tuned for more!

January 2018

Welcome back everybody!

Right after holidays, FRENZIE got back to work. We are on the way of concluding all the bureaucratic work related to the EP release CHOICES which will be released soon on Spotify and iTunes.
We also announce that from January on our music will be aired on Essere Web Radio. The podcast is hosted in Italian by our bass player Enno every Friday at 7:30pm. We are very happy to gain visibility in the Italian scene and we hope to play there soon.

However, our focus this month was mainly on applying for gigs in the next future. We are also trying to participate in festivals scheduled for summer and late 2018.
For any details, you can check the live section on our website:

We will keep it constantly updated.

See you next month!

December 2017

Hello everybody!

Last month has been by far one of the busiest of the year. We focused mainly on playing live and getting new songs ready for the stage. We played in some fantastic venues such as Prachtwerk and Privatclub. We also had the opportunity to experience our first “silent” gig in Leuchtstoffbar, where everyone had to wear headphones, musicians and audience, resulting in a very intimate right-in-your-ears performance.
In Privatclub we attended a band contest organized by Emergenza and sponsored by Firestone. It was an important experience for us in order to grow as a band and to evaluate what is our level. Although we did not make it to the next round, we are more then grateful to have participated it and to collect stage experience.

Finally, we planned a break during Christmas holidays so that we can recharge our batteries and travel a bit. We will still be active on social media and getting ready for our gigs, Unplugged Wohnzimmer in January and Artliners in February.

We wish everyone a nice end of the year and happy holidays.

November 2017

Hi everyone!

We are happy to inform you that our 5-track EP CHOICES release is at its last stages. Mixing is complete and we can assure you that the songs sound great! We are also solving the bureaucratic copyright work related to the launch of the music piece.

Moreover, we have finished shooting the video for our song STRANGER. We are looking forward to seeing the results of it!

During the month of November, we mainly focused on creating content for the social media platform, so that we can be constantly in touch with our audience and keep them updated on our progress.

Also, we are trying to apply to as many gigs as possible in order to gather visibility and spread our music. In fact, we are working on new music pieces every day and our rehearsal room teems of creativity.

We really enjoy spending time together playing our music, we will soon show it to you on the next upcoming events.
Stay Tuned!

We wanted to give you guys a small teaser. This video snippet was taken while we were preparing for the actual shoot. That was soooooooo much fun!!!!

October 2017

We have great news for you:
We have finished our recordings for our upcoming 5-track EP CHOICES, which will be released at the end of this year.
We are grateful for being able to collaborate with great artists such as:

Dan Merger - Drums
Cid Travaglia - Percussions
Manug Atmacayan - French Horn.

CHOICES is our first EP that represents the merge of influences we have each collected individually.
Modern Pop music with instrumental classical characters including Violin, Piano, Guitar and Bass as basic setup.
With very personal and profound lyrics, these songs reflect certain emotional stages induced by our choices.


We are in the process of making a video of STRANGER, a song taken from our upcoming EP.
The shooting will take place in our hometown Berlin in collaboration with visual artist Benjamin Deiß.

We strive to keep ourselves very active and constantly exploring the depth of our music.

We hope to play some nice gigs in the near future and show you what we are all about.
Stay tuned!